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Cotton Yarn

We are supplier of cotton yarn all over the world. We manufacture supreme quality Cotton Yarns of various counts ranging from 20/1 to 80/1 single or double. We can provide you in combed yarn or Carded yarn for both knitting and weaving.


Our Cotton Product Range:

Cotton Yarn:

v Carded

v Combed

v Blended

Quality Cotton:

We are one of the few supplier who provide OEKO TEX CERTIFIED as environmental friendly and we also certified from Control Union for production of organic yarn such as GOTS certified, OE Exchange & Global Recycle Standard Yarn (Recycled Yarn).


Polyester Yarn:

v DTY ( Draw Textured Yarn / Textured Yarn )

v FDY ( Fully Dawn Yarn / Flat Yarn )


Cotton Fabric: Beside the range of cotton yarn and polyester yarn we also manufacture and export cotton fabric.

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