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Bag of coffee Beans

Why Jute Bag for food packaging?
Jute bag is non-toxic.
Jute bag does not contain any kind of compound which will change foods taste or flavours.
Jute bag is long lasting. It could be reuse again for packaging the food.
Food can easily be stored over six month.
Jute Bag is 100% Biodegradable.
Just bag is user friendly for the packaging of all kinds of food grains like rice, tea, wheat, coffee and so on. Foods and grains can be store for such a long time without losing its taste and colour.

High Quality Eco Friendly Jute Bag:
Jute bag made with natural plant which is completely biodegradable. From industrial packaging to consumer day-to-day life everywhere jute bag can be used. Though jute is eco friendly it will not cost the earth. However in recent global warming and environmental issue which makes us more aware to use as much as possible of bio degradable/ eco friendly product and save our earth. Moreover Jute Bag also keeps food away from contamination of hydrocarbons and it is completely free from kerosene smell. The food can be store more than six month in jute bags and it doesn’t lose its colour and flavour at all. Being of Eco friendly biodegradable jute bag it does not harm our environment and it will help us to reduce carbon from our environment.

Ethical Trading Policy:
Quality jute strictly follow ethical trading policy when we work with our manufacturers. Our manufacturers do not employ underage, strictly follows health and safety rules, do not put overload to their employees and they provide good work life balance to their employees. We are very selective when we work as a partnership with any manufacturer.

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